Monday 14 July 2014

Innovation and the Digital Economy: Empowering Freelancers and small business to deliver prosperity

At this year's Labour Conference in 2014 the Forum is working with the Labour Finance and Industry Group to host a fringe meeting again on small business.

For the third year running the premium small business event will be run by LFIG and the LSBF. Our small business event is a Labour small business event in so far as it put on by party members, the forum and LFIG who are Labour supporters and members. 

This year's theme is the digital economy, small business and freelancers.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014
RadissonBlue Edwardian Hotel.
Dickens\Thackery Room

5:25pm – Introduction by David Offenbach, Chairman of LFIG.

Part 1: Freelancers in the Progressive Economy

5:30 – 5:55pm
This will be the conference launch of LFIG’s report on freelancing for a progressive economy.
Summary details of the report will be detail with comment from a panel of freelancing experts plus Labour’s Chair of the Business Interest Group.

Chaired by Karen Landles LFIG
Philip Ross LFIG (Report’s author)
Seema  Malhotra  MP  - Chair of Labour Business Interest Group
Duncan O’Leary – DEMOS
Benedict Dellot - Royal Society of Arts. (invited)
Simon McVicker  PCG
<5 minute BREAK>

Part 2a:  Startups and Small Business – delivering digital transformation
6:00 – 7:00pm
This is the main event with a key note address from Labour’s small business minister.
3-5 minutes for each panel member, summed up by Toby Perkins. Then 30 minutes of questions from the floor. 
Chair : Philip Ross LFIG
Toby Perkins MP – Shadow Small Business Minister
Richard Howitt MEP
Mike Cherry - Policy Chair of the  Federation of Small Business
Bill Thomas – Chair of Labour’s small business taskforce
Seema  Malhotra  MP  - Chair of Labour Business Interest Group
Kate Godfrey PPC for Stafford

John Midgley (Head of Public Policy, Intuit UK)
James Waterworth (Vice President, CCIA Europe)

Part 2b : Open mic on small business and digital transformation
Time : 7:05 – 7:30

Open mic for audience to pitch ideas to previous panel on digital economy, freelancing and small business issues.  

Chaired by Ajay Nehru of LFIG
#LFIGDigital  #LFIG-OpenMic2014

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