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The Labour Small Business Forum will be hosting a fringe meeting at this year’s Labour conference on Tuesday 2nd October. There is a line up some of the best small business thinkers in the country and it certainly looks set to be the premium small business event at the conference.

Philip Ross, founder of the Forum says that “we have the best speakers covering all aspects of the small business arena.

  • John Walker Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses will tell us about the issues facing his members particularly in areas such as finance and loans.
  • Dr Jo Twist from the UKIE (the Games Industry’s Trade Association) will tell the meeting about crowdfunding (peer to peer funding) and the discussions she has had and how it works and what a future Labour Government can do to help.
  • Richard Little from the PPMA will discuss issues around innovation and creativity and how Britain needs to build on its creative strengths and how a future Labour Government should reform patents law and celebrate invention.
  • Emily Thomas a former DTi and Treasury advisor and now director of her own company will detail the issues surrounding past and future changes”.
  • Philip Ross as a former freelancer will push the case for reform to support freelancing and the knowledge based economy.
  • Answering issues from the other panellists and expounding Labour’s policies and vision will be former small businessman and now shadow small business minister Toby Perkins MP. Following a number of informative presentations the audience will be invited to pose their own questions.

Philip Ross added that “It is all set to be both an exciting and informative fringe that will help Labour deliver on its pledge to be the party both of and for small business. “

Meeting details :
Tuesday 2nd October 2012 in the Manchester Central Exchange Room 10.
6pm - 7pm

All are welcome to attend our fringe event at the Labour conference. We have the best small business thinkers and speakers at the whole conference who will be discussing how Labour can put small business first covering issues such as finance, innovation, tax and development.  

The meeting will be chaired by Philip Ross who will ask each panellist to speak for 5 minutes followed by discussions and questions from the floor.

We have the Shadow Minister for Small Business - Toby Perkins - who before entering Parliament ran his own small firm.

John Walker - Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses - who will explain the issues facing their members.

Dr Jo Twist CEO of the UKIE the trade association in part for the UK's Video Games industry, she will talk about the creative opportunities ahead and the need for skills and innovative funding such as crowdfinancing.

Richard Little from the PPMA will talk about innovation and invention and patents and how Britain needs to harness, protect and celebrate its creativity.

Emily Thomas from Aequitas Consulting and former Treasury and DTI Special Advisor.

About the Labour Small Business Forum
The forum is a new initiative to build a network of Labour members who work for themselves or in a small firm. 

Contact : rosspe at

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